Monday, December 7, 2009

Home study

Exciting news!  After confirming with the attorneys that they would accept a home study from a local agency, I contacted a social worker.  She is meeting with us on Sunday!  That was kind of unexpected.  Joel and I were willing to wait until after Christmas, but she is willing to get started with the background info now.  This is a little nerve wracking.  There's a lot of things that we want to do around the house before we meet with her.  Joel is even debating going to a Thunder game tonight because this is more important.  He's incredible...I'm so thankful he's 110% on board.

Now we just have to hear back from the attorneys and schedule our consultation.  The wait is making me a little nervous.  I keep thinking something in our information sheet is making them think twice about taking us on as clients.  Is that even possible?  I would think they would/should want to ask us, in person, about any concerns they might have.  The sermon in church yesterday was about Hope.  I'm keeping that close to my heart as we wait.

Update 12/09/09...talked to the attorneys yesterday.  I'm a dork.  I should have sent in our check with our paperwork...that's what they have been waiting on.  They have our form in the "to be interviewed" file and once they receive our check they'll call for the appointment.  Check is in the mail today.  Looking forward to the meeting.

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