Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not much new

Well we made it through Thanksgiving and football season.  Oh my poor Cowboys.  Better luck next year!

I don't have much news at this point.  Joel and I are in the process of filling out some paperwork so we can have a consultation with lawyers Bado & Bado.  We were referred to them by a friend who just recently had their adoption finalized.  I'm excited to meet with them, they seem very upfront and no-nonsense, but at the same time very kind and understanding.  The "adoption worker" advised me that we should start our Dear Birth Mother letter and a scrapbook that will show prospective birth mothers a little bit about us, our family, and our friends.  For someone who loves to take pictures you would think scrapbooking would be easy for me.  HA!  I never could get the hang of it, but I've discovered a digital scrapbooking program and I love it!  I can use digital copies of my pictures and I don't have to cut up anything.  Now, I just have to go through all the hundreds of pictures I've taken over the last few years.  Ugh.  That could prove to be quite a challenge.

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  1. Your scrapbook looks awesome!!! Can't wait to hear how your consultation goes!!!