Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 weeks, 5 days

Today our b/m had a doctor appointment.  Our caseworker was trying to arrange for us to meet for lunch before the appointment.  That didn't work out, but that's ok because something much more special happened.  I was invited to the doctor appointment to hear the baby's heartbeat!  Hearing that sweet baby's heartbeat was like music to my ears.  I felt like I was actually a part of the pregnancy.  It was so nice of our b/m to let me be a part of that.  Makenna's heartbeat was nice and strong, 142 beats per minute.  We're now on the downhill slide.  The frequency of the doctor appointments have moved to weekly.  Hopefully our caseworker will find out, soon, what we can expect on the day of delivery.

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  1. Aww so sweet! I can't wait for Makenna's arrival!!!!!!