Friday, April 2, 2010

7 weeks, 3 days

Joel and I received confirmation yesterday that Makenna Michelle Hendrix will be born via c-section on Monday, May 24th, 2010.  It's official, but it still seems unreal.  Our b/m had a doctor appointment yesterday and it was made clear that once Makenna is delivered, she will be taken out of the delivery room, straight to us.  That, I must say, was exciting to hear.  I'm curious as to what the hospital's procedures are, as far as adoptions.  I guess we just have to play it by ear.  We will be relying on our caseworker to direct us, for sure.

The next doctor appointment will be either the 20th or 21st of April (we will have to confirm that).  Our caseworker wants me, Joel, our b/m and her family to go to lunch before the appointment.  We'll see how that works out.  Our b/m has been on the outs with her family and things are a little rocky right now, so who knows what three weeks will bring.

I will be having my first baby shower on May 1st.  We are calling it a "necesseties shower".  It will be a rather small shower mainly for Joel's family, but my mom & niece will be there.  I am so excited for that.  Joel's sisters are doing a wonderful job planning it and keeping the details a surprise.  I like surprises.  :)

Again, we continue to wait.  We keep trying to plan little things on the weekends so we have things to look forward to during the loooooong weeks ahead.  My cousin is having her baby today, so hopefully we will be able to see them next weekend.  This weekend I have a baby shower for a wonderful friend, on Saturday, and I am really looking forward to Sunday and being with family, for Easter.  The OSU Spring football game is on the 17th so we'll probably be in Stillwater most of that day.  There are a couple of baby stores that a friend told us about.  I want to check them out!  Wiggles and Giggles & Butter Bean.  How cute are those names?!  On the 18th I am taking pictures for a family session.  Very excited about that!  They are such a cute little family.  We might go camping the 23rd & 24th or get away somehow.  There are lots of places in Oklahoma we haven't been yet.  Weird I know since we have lived here our entire lives.  Wow.  April is totally booked up!  That is so exciting.  Once we are into May, we will be on the downhill slide.

So, until next time.....................

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