Sunday, March 28, 2010

8 weeks, 1 day.....

Joel and I had our 2nd pre-placement homestudy visit yesterday.  It went smoothly, just tying up some loose ends.  A couple of tasks we'll need to have done and the social worker can start writing her report.  Once her report is complete, she will show it to us for final approval and then it should be submitted to the courts.  This coming Thursday our b/m is "supposed" to have another doctor appointment.  Hopefully she'll be able to keep it and we'll have a finalized date for the c-section.

We've started receiving a few gifts for baby Makenna.  Here are some of my favorites (I love blankets).

This one I just fell in love with from Babies 'R' Us.  I thought it coordinated with the nursery theme.

This was a real surprise.  A co-worker of Joel's gave this to him.  His wife made it.  It's so soft & we can't wait to use it during football season.

Saving the best for last... this blanket was one of two that was made for Aaron when he was born.  The pattern is Precious Moments (little child-like angels).  It has never been used as Aaron (or  maybe it was me) was partial to the teddy bear blanket.  My mother was saving it for us and gave it to me.  I thought it couldn't be a more appropriate & special blanket for Makenna to have.


  1. What beautiful blankets...and how much more beautiful they will be when they are wrapped around your sweet little girl!

  2. I love sweet Aaron's blanket!!! Made me cry....maybe i'm still hormonal :) love you guys!