Thursday, February 25, 2010

13 Weeks & Counting

Almost the 3rd trimester.  Haven't heard any NEW news from the case worker.  I guess no news is good news, in this case.  The wait is a killer!  Thank goodness I have some fun events coming up.  I have two baby showers to attend in the next two weeks.  Those should be a lot of fun.  My sisters-in-law are currently planning my first shower for May 1st.  It will just be a small, family shower so I will have some necessities on hand when the baby is born.  A bigger sip-n-see shower will be held a couple of weeks after she's born.  That will be fun because everyone will get to meet little Makenna.  :)  I believe I have finalized my registries too, at Babies 'R' Us & Target.

So, for now, I guess the wait continues.....................................

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