Friday, February 12, 2010

Our b/m had a doctor appointment yesterday......

and all is well.  Glucose test was done, healthy heart beat, and the baby is very active.  No concerns.  The next appointment is March 11th.

I also found out that the crib should be delivered to the PBK store today and we'll probably get to pick that up tomorrow.  The changing topper has shipped and the dresser should ship today.  We've picked out the paint and the wall letters are ready to be picked up.  I'm very excited to start getting the nursery together this weekend!  When I think about it, what a better way to spend Valentine's weekend that working on a project that is designed out of love and the fact that Joel & I are going to do it together, on our own, and in our own way makes it that much more meaningful.  I'll be taking pictures as we go and will post them once we're done.

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