Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ugh.  I hate this part.  Waiting on the nursery furniture, waiting on the next doctor appointment, etc.  Our b/m had to reschedule her appointment this week due to weather/road conditions.  We're hoping to hear back from the case worker soon on when the appointment is rescheduled for.  Joel & I aren't quite sure what we should be doing at this point.  I guess as long as we check in with the case worker each week, that's about all we can do until someone requests some kind of action from us.

I wish the furniture would get here so we could at LEAST focus on getting the nursery ready.  Besides, I already have some things I need to put away.  :)  And I've become obessessed with making tutus.  I need to control myself or we won't have any room to store regular clothes.  They're just so darn cute and there are so many combinations.  Maybe I can start making them for friends.  ;)

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